No matter how desperately you need to remove an unwanted stump from your yard, here are a number of methods that you should avoid as a do-it-yourselfer.

Using a truck without proper digging

A big mistake that some people usually make is to tie an unsightly stump to the bumper of their truck and attempt to pull it out of the ground by driving forward in a sequence of jerks without minding how deep the roots underneath the stump might have grown.

If the root penetration is extensive, then you will only be causing a great deal of damage to your vehicle if the roots beneath the stump have not been properly weakened through digging.

Torching with fuel

What happens here is that scrap wood is placed on top of the remaining part of the tree trunk and fuel spilled to start a fire. Burning down a stump with diesel or petrol might only help you eliminate the dry protruding part of the stump, but it will most certainly not get rid of roots that have extended deep below the ground.

Besides, the burning wood often emits a lot of dark-coloured smoke that can increase carbon footprint. Hence, this technique is not considered to be good for the ecology.

Burying the stump

This is yet another stump removal method you should turn away from in spite of the fact that it helps avoid the expenses of transporting stumps away and discarding them off-site. When you hide a tree stump below the surface, especially in a wetland area, it can continue to decay, forming sinkholes later on. Because of the possibility of compromising the integrity of the subsoil for future construction purposes, you had better not consider this approach.

Using explosives

Opting to blow up a stump is a bad idea for many reasons. To start with, explosives are often noisy when they go BOOM! Therefore, they can cause a lot of noise pollution that may lead to problems with your neighbours and the local council, especially if noise restriction laws have been put in place. Second, explosives require a lot of skill to handle and use safely. Otherwise, things can blow way out of proportion and result in unwarranted cluttering of your landscape and costly damage to adjacent structures.

Whether you want to rid of a tree stump because it is an eyesore or because it is standing in the way of your plans to construct a new structure in your yard, it is advisable that you seek the advice of a professional on what technique is best applicable.