Carpet restoration services usually refers to a deep cleaning of the carpeting that is more involved than your average steam cleaning. This restoration may include special detergents that address stains and other such damage, which might make your carpet look better and be cleaner than with your standard commercial cleaning job. If you’ve never had your carpets restored with this type of cleaning, note when and why it can be necessary for your home.

When you have a new baby or elderly person in the home

New babies, elderly persons, those with allergies, and those with breathing disorders can be especially sensitive to things like dust mites, allergens, and other bothersome irritants in carpets. You may not think that your carpets are especially dirty since these things are not bothering your lungs, but those with health concerns already may be more bothered by them. Remember too that babies often spend time on the carpet; even if you put down a blanket or other protective pad, they will be very close to dust, dirt, pet dander and pet hair, mud, and other bothersome contaminants that are trapped in your carpeting. Before you bring home your new baby and if anyone in the home might be sensitive to these irritants, have your carpets restored.

After a flood or other water damage

You may not be able to see how water damage has affected your carpeting, but the padding underneath the carpeting may have absorbed some of that water or may be holding it in place, and you don’t even realize it. In turn, your carpeting may start to show mold and mildew growth. If you’ve had a flood or any such water damage, have your carpets restored, even if they look fine, to ensure their bottom layers are dry and clean.

Before putting your home on the market

Before you assume you need new carpeting to make your home look its best, try carpet restoration first. This type of deep cleaning can make the carpets look lighter and also restore the nap of the fibers so the material doesn’t look worn down and matted. Restoration can also remove bad smells in the carpet and many restorers will use lemon-scented cleansers, so your home smells clean and fresh. In turn, you may have more interest from potential homebuyers who appreciate the look of new carpeting and the smell of a fresh, clean floors.