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6 Reasons Why You Should Always Hire a Pro for Major Home Renovations

Many small renovation projects and home upgrades can be tackled by homeowners with enough spare time and a grasp of DIY skills. However, major home renovations should always be left to highly trained professionals with the appropriate tools and licences to carry out the work. Here are just a few reasons why you should always leave those big projects to the professionals.

Visions and practicality

It’s all very well visualising your dream home, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that what you imagine will work in practice. Before taking a sledgehammer to your party wall, ask a professional builder or structural engineer with experience in planning, design and construction to make sure that your vision is actually practical and functional. Their advice could save you a lot of money and heartache in the long run.

False economy

So you think you’ll save a fortune in professional labour costs by doing the work yourself? Although on the face of it this looks likely, even small errors can be incredibly costly, especially when it comes to things like rewiring and plumbing. Using a professional will make sure that the job is only done once; and it’s done right the first time!    

Domestic disagreements

It’s not uncommon for couples to disagree when it comes to deciding on renovation work. Your contractor will be able to offer their professional opinion on what will work and what simply won’t. Very often it’s the building contractor who is able to help the householders settle on a happy compromise.

Savings on materials

If you’re embarking on the renovation work yourself, you’ll probably be buying materials from your local DIY store or builder’s yard. This can be very expensive and your budget can very quickly go out of the window. Professional contractors have relationships with suppliers and wholesalers that will bring you considerable savings on things like flooring, tiles, kitchen and bathroom fittings and the like.

Timely completion

Anyone who has embarked on a home DIY project will know just how easy it is for the work to drag on and on! If you use a professional contractor to carry out your renovation work for you, they will provide you with time frames for completion of the job at the outset. It’s in their best interests to finish the job on time too as they will undoubtedly have other projects to move on to after completing yours.

Permissions and permits

A common trap that DIY renovators often fall into is failing to acquire the necessary permissions for extensions and building work. In extreme cases this can result in your local council demanding that your carefully crafted extension or conservatory is pulled down.

Professional building contractors will know exactly what paperwork needs to be in place before commencing work on your renovation, and can make sure that everything is in order before a brick is laid or a window replaced.

If you’re planning a major renovation or construction project for your home, always have a chat with professional, qualified contractors like Destin Constructions. They will be able to advise you on the practicality of your plans, provide you with an estimate of cost and a timeframe within which the work will be completed.

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What You Need to Know about Becoming a Journeyman Commercial Electrician

If you are considering a career as a commercial electrician, your first stop will be as a journeyman. A journeyman certification will provide you with the necessary training to get entry level positions and work your way up to your electrical career goals. Before you begin this career path, there are a few things you should know. Here are four of those key points.

Use Apprenticeship Programs

You may be under the misconception that the only way for you to get your certification as a journeyman commercial electrician is to go through a school based training program. The truth is you can also gain training from programs offered by companies, small businesses, and grants called apprenticeship programs. These allow you to get on the job training while making a small amount of money.

Once you are ready, you can take the certification test just as you would with a school based program. Though these programs may be difficult to find, they do pay off in the sense that most companies offering these programs will hire apprentices once certification is complete.

Class Hours

Some certifications may require you to have classroom training areas in order to fulfill certain guidelines and requirements. These hours can be taken at local training centers and through employment staffing centers. Make sure that you check with local staffing agencies about this requirement and if they offer class hours. These hours may require you to pay out of pocket for the course or may be part of a work program.

Computer Testing

One of the problems that some people have with the certification is finding the time to take the test. If you have a busy schedule, consider taking the certification test online or at a job center that offers online testing. This will help you work the certification for journeyman commercial electrician into your schedule and ensure you are able to take it quickly and move on with your career. When you take a computer based test for your certification, you may be able to receive a graded response immediately following the test. This can usually be printed out and serve as a verification of testing until your journeyman certificate arrives in the mail.

These are just three key points of becoming a journeyman commercial electrician. If you are ready to move forward, consider contacting a training center, job placement center, or apprentice program in your area. For more information, contact a business such as Faraday Group.

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Reminders for Any Renovation

If you've decided to undertake a project around your house, there are a few things to remember. First, make sure to have a good idea of the cost going in. Talk to local specialists for estimates or do research on the cost of supplies and labor. Second, always make sure to take necessary safety precautions. While a landscape project may seem like a lower-risk task than a rewiring job, it never hurts to be too careful. Finally, don't bite off more than you can chew. Plan out your renovation and repair projects in detail and then tackle one thing at a time. If you ever feel out of your element, hand the job over to a contractor. They'll know how to get the job done efficiently, safely, and correctly.


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